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A Guide to Optimum Nutrition

When your pounds have piled up and your pants have gotten too tight, it is time for you to watch what you eat. By viewing foods correctly, you will be able to maintain your fitness and health. Therefore, you need to know the nutritional information of each food item you purchase from the supermarket. Bear in mind that knowledge is power.

In this ebook, you will learn:

  • The Food Pyramid
  • Weight Loss Proteins
  • Carbs for Losing Weight
  • Right Fats for Losing Weight
  • All About Raw and Organic Foods
  • Right Food Choices to Boost Your Endurance for Exercise
  • Diet Plan to Maintain Your Weight
  • The Importance of ‘Your View about Food’
  • The Benefits Of Weight Loss And Management


You are going to get the following within this package:


You get UNRESTRICTED PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS to this product. With this guide, you can edit, modify, completely make it your own and then resell it to your own customers.


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