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Remodeling Your Home Exterior

When a person thinks of concrete art, they usually envision a child’s handprint in a slab of wet concrete. While this is cute, this is not the basis of age-old concrete art. Concrete really is the making of various home decors and materials used to spice up your home. Countertops, sculptures, fountains, bird baths, and even whirlpools can be made from concrete. Tabletops and fireplace hearths are often made of concrete as well. You would never know, however, and that is the fun of it. It is a type of art.

Here is a preview of what will be covered in this ebook:

  • Concrete Facts and Decorative Concrete Effects to Spice Up Your Home
  • Concrete Slab vs. Pier System: Which is a Better Foundation?
  • Curing Concrete: Three Points to Ponder before Mixing
  • Test Your Metal: Why Metal Roofs are Gaining Popularity in Homes
  • What is Wainscoting and Why is it so Popular?
  • Clogged Gutters
  • Decked Out: Ten Things to Consider Before Building Your Outside Deck
  • When Using Pavers Instead of Wood Decking Makes Sense for your Patio
  • Garage Door Replacements: Can You Do It Yourself?
  • Fencing in Your Future: Which Fencing Material is Right for You?
  • Taking Sides: The Pros and Cons of Vinyl Siding
  • Five Things to Watch Out for When Installing: An Antenna or Satellite Dish on your Roof


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