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Dealing With Flying Naturally

If you have motion sickness, popping ears or simply a disabling terror of getting on a plane then the advice in this new guide can help you get over it!

If you have a fear of flying, for any reason, you are probably getting a lot of flack for it.

Fear of flying and in-flight problems such as popping ears and motion sickness can prevent you from:

  • Attending important business meetings and convention
  • Attending job interviews
  • Taking exotic holidays in far off places
  • Going somewhere warm for the winter
  • Getting places as quickly as you need to (your rival taking the plane is going to get to where you need to go ten times more quickly then you)
  • Seeing beloved family members who may live far away
  • Making it to funerals, weddings and other rites of passage or celebrations
  • Seeing the world and enjoying new experiences in general

In Natural Treatments for In-Flight Problems, this book will cover all types of issues to do with the types, causes and treatments to do with air sickness including –

  • How motion sickness is caused by an imbalance in the inner ear
  • A discussion of the anatomy of the inner ear, complete with diagrams that explains the problem to you
  • How turbulence in a plane triggers the vestibular system in the inner ear
  • How an imbalance of neurotransmitters like histamine and norepinephrine is the most likely
  • How feeling very tired and unable to concentrate might be a warning that you are about to suffer severe motion sickness
  • Why some people continue to suffer the symptoms of motion sickness long after the plane has actually crashed
  • How antihistamines can help combat air sickness
  • The names of the most commonly prescribed drugs used for air sickness
  • Why Meclizine, an anti-nausea drug can cause you to feel even more nauseous once you get on the plane
  • Why you should avoid taking Meclizine if you have low blood pressure
  • The multiple and sometimes dangerous side-effects of taking Benadryl which include memory loss and confusion
  • Why you should always be careful when taking diphenhydramine as it could potentially lead to a heart attack and coma
  • How an anticholinergic drug such as Scopolomine works to prevent motion sickness
  • A very serious discussion about some of the life threatening side effects of taking Scopolomine inincluding delusions, stupor and death!
  • …and much more information about Scopolomine and its sometimes dire effects.

In Natural Treatments for In-Flight Problems, this book will provide you with tips for avoiding air sickness both BEFORE you get on the plane and while you are on it including:

  • Avoiding drinking too much before you get on the plane because you will become hungover and more prone to dizziness or nausea
  • What foods you should avoid before you get on the plane to avoid the symptoms of air sickness
  • Drinking enough water before you get on the plane so you don’t get dehydrated in the cabin and risk becoming dizzy or nauseated
  • What types of foods you can eat before you get on the plane to avoid developing a dry mouth
  • A discussion of the role that excess salt might play in making airsickness worse
  • Why you should always avoid dairy produce (milk, eggs, cheese) before you get on a plane and fly
  • What foods such as pork, eggs, beef and fish might have to do with enhancing your potential to become air sick
  • A discussion of the relationship between iron poor blood and becoming air sick
  • The vitamins you should never be low on if you do not want to suffer from air sickness
  • How the scent of strong colognes or perfumes can make air sickness worse
  • Why you should avoid strong smelling foods before you can get on a plane
  • How to choose an airplane seat where there is likely to be the least motion so you don’t get sick
  • Why having a window seat might help alleviate your air motion sickness rather than aggravate it (as one might suspect!)
  • Why flying during daylight hours might be a good idea to avoid getting air sick
  • Why reading on a plane can make air sickness worse
  • How to use the air vent above your seat to revive yourself if you feel faint or sick in mid-flight
  • Why airsickness might be “psychologically contagious” if you sit too close to others who are talking about being on a plane in a negative way
  • The name of the homeopathic remedy that commonly used to air travelers who feel weak and have a hollow sensation in their stomach as the result of flying
  • The name of the homeopathic remedy that can help remedy the nausea and vomiting caused by air travel
  • How a homeopathic remedy based on tobacco can be used to relieve faintness and paleness in terrified travelers
  • The names of three important herbs that can be swallowed in capsule form to help combat the nausea associated with air sickness
  • How to use acupressure to help relieve some of your physical and psychological symptoms while flying
  • How to use an acupressure band to conquer your fear of flying
  • The symptoms of deep vein thrombosis which can lead to a potentially fatal heart attack or stroke while in mid-are

…and much, more more including a special bonus section in the book about how to deal with jet leg including information about –

  • The circadian rhythms and how they can cause sleep disorders
  • The direction of travel and which is worse for causing jet lag – going west to east or east to west!
  • Why jet lag causes mental fuzziness and irrational behavior
  • Why jet lag can cause your legs and feet to swell up
  • Drugs commonly prescribed by doctors for jet lag
  • How being unable to “pop your ears” is related to jet lag
  • The best type of clothing to wear while flying so that you do not develop jet lag
  • Why you should always avoid caffeine on the day you fly to help prevent jet lag
  • The Argonne Diet which is an anti-jetlag diet that can make you feel better
  • The name of a poplar homeopathic remedy that helps prevent jet lag symptoms in most people

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