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What Is PLR, RR, MRR, PU, CR, GAR Rights


What Is PLR, Resell Rights, Master Resell Rights, Personal Use, Commercial Rights, and Give Away Rights? How Do They Work?


Let’s Understand PLR, RR and MRR Licenses


PLR License

With Private Label Rights License (PLR), it’s like PRINTING YOUR OWN MONEY! Private Label Rights is the best license you can possibly obtain. With PLR, you have the right to edit, change, or modify it however you want. After all, you own the product entirely! You can do absolutely anything you want with it and no one can stop you.

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RR License

With a Resell Rights licenseyou can resell the product that you buy to any number of customers; however, it is for you to sell only. There could be certain boundaries with RR products such as reselling the product for a certain price. In this case, you MUST read the license that comes with your product. This does not mean that you are limited to the number of customers you sell to. You still sell to as many customers as you wish and keep 100% of the profits from your sales. In most cases, you cannot sell the resell rights to your products. You provide your customers with a license stating that it can only be used for “personal use”. Seriously, there’s no easier way to start an online store!

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MRR License

With Master Resell Rights license, you can do much more. Not only can you sell to your customers, but you can pass on the same rights so they can sell the products to their own customers. Make sure that you read the licenses inside of each product for further details.


Personal Use

With Personal Use (PU), these products can only be used for personal use only, such as reading, sharing (only if stated), and teaching. Products with a Personal Use License cannot, in anyway, be resold or changed as this license restricts such acts. With this particular license, you are allowed to make unlimited amounts of backup copies. In most cases unless stated within the license itself or within the product, it cannot be distributed.


Commercial Use

With Commercial Use (CU), you are allowed to distribute the product for your client’s projects where you charge a price for your time and work. You can use a product with this license by you on an unlimited number of clients in which the client can be charged for.


Give Away Rights

With Give Away Rights (GAR), you have the right to share, distribute across the internet, give away to your subscribers on mailing list, and anyone who is wanting a free product. With this license, you may give these products away freely. Some GAR products may even come with resell rights, but it is not necessary to sell these products if you are just wanting to give them away for free.

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