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Your Own Online Magazine

Make Money Online As A Writer/Blogger

If you have been wanting to start your own online magazine then this guide is for you.

Here are the topics that will be covered:

Chapter 1 – Niches To Write In

  • How To Use The Keyword Tool
  • Creating Knock-Out Titles
  • Multiple Article Titles In A Blink!

Chapter 2 – Tools

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Visual Thesaurus
  • MindManager Pro
  • Inspiration
  • Rack And Write
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • OpenOffice

Chapter 3 – Lists

  • A Simple Word List
  • Figuring Out Word Lists From Scratch
  • A More Complex Word List
  • Research With Word Lists

Chapter 4 – The Big “G”

  • The Overall Plan For Research Time
  • Specifics To Speed Up Searching Google

Chapter 5 – Advice For Writing

  • How To Pull Your Readers In By The Seat Of Their Pants
  • How To Leave Them Satisfied In The End

Chapter 6 – Connecting With Your Visitors

  • Act Natural, Even If You’re Coding
  • Promote Your Site
  • Make It Pretty


Within this package you will find the following modules:

Squeeze Page


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